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our story

A Legacy of Service to Country, Customer, and Community

Our CEO, Tracy Solomon, founded TEVET in 2004 after six years of honorably serving our country in the Navy along with another six years at two Fortune 500 companies.

In a long line of veterans in his family, Tracy was brought up in an environment where he was taught to honor his commitments to others and to our country, the importance of service, and the value of ethical business practices.

He has channeled these qualities into our company’s mission—a dedication to superior product knowledge, an unbeatable sourcing network, excellence in supply chain management, premier customer service, and a focus on giving back to the community.

Community culture

Since TEVET’s inception in 2004, TEVET’s people and culture have been the key to our success.


Our culture starts with an internal family culture that strives to build and support each other and expands in service to our communities and the communities of our customer.

TEVET facilitates and encourages employee service to groups and organizations that they are passionate about. At TEVET we serve many families including veterans, children, and even our furry family members. Click below learn more about TEVET’s community involvement.