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In today’s rapidly evolving wireless landscape, modern radar, electronic warfare, and signal intelligence systems are generating, processing, and recording wide signal bandwidths at a broad range of frequencies. Test engineers need flexible tools that can provide adaptability in electronic warfare and 5G and other new signal types so they can respond to emerging threats. The LibertyGT family of software-defined synthetic instruments (SDSI) brings a modular and flexible COTS solution to real-time RF testing to threat response applications.



Key Features

LibertyGT is a modular, COTS, software-defined, multi-channel sync’d, real-time RF record and playback, and analysis system with TPM2.0, in-chassis RAID and optional RTSA for RADAR and EW applications.

  • Available measurement frequencies of 6, 14, 18, 26.5, and 40 GHz
  • Modular, compact, multi-function, software-defined architecture can reduce the size, weight, and power (SWaP) over conventional box instruments by a factor of 2 to 10 
  • Unique, channelized RTSA enhances detection of small amplitude LPI signals by up to 30 dB
  • Up to 128 TB of high-speed SSD RAID per chassis, eliminating the need for external data recorders
  • Precision 2 - 8+ CH multi-channel sync with inter-channel time and phase skew < 10ps and < 1 degree, respectively

Electronic Warfare

Advances in electronic warfare are creating new challenges for targeting threat response applications. The real-time signal-based nature of the LibertyGT family of flexible, scalable, synthetic instruments means that it can acquire, analyze, and present results for unique measurements much faster than traditional testing methods. This approach brings cost-effective, high-throughput test capabilities to electronic warfare and 5G applications where speed, performance, flexibility, and future adaptability are mission-critical.

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LibertyGT Brief Preview

Discover the Advantages of LibertyGT

LibertyGT software-defined synthetic instruments bring a modular and flexible COTS solution to real-time RF testing for threat response applications.


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