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RADX Liberty GT
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Modular, COTS, Software-Defined, Real-time RF Record and Playback Analysis System

The RADX® LibertyGT® (1x11, 1x22, 1x44, 1x88) is a modular, COTS, software-defined, multi-channel sync’d, real-time RF record and playback, and analysis system with TPM2.0, in-chassis RAID and optional RTSA3 for RADAR and EW applications.

LibertyGT sets a new standard for cost-effective, high-throughput, multifunction test systems where the combination of user programmability, flexibility, performance, throughput, long life cycle support and low total cost of ownership is of paramount importance.

RADX LibertyGT Key Features:

  • 9 kHz to 6 GHz or 18 GHz frequency range 
  • Up to 1 GHz/CH real-time bandwidth
  • Features NI PXIe-5840s or PXIe-5841s with optional 18 GHz UDCs
  • Optional PXIe-7915 FPGA Module/CH for RTSA3 gated triggers and real-time apps
  • 256 TB SSD RAID in a single chassis
  • RTSA3/channel Real-time processing
  • Precision multi-channel time and phase sync for up to 8 CH with Typical Inter-Channel Skew <1 ps for 8CH << 1 ps for 4 CH
  • Optional GPS/IRIG-B time-stamping and synchronized recording and playback
  • Comprehensive API supports LabVIEW, TestStand, C/C++, & Python via local and remote (TCP/IP) interfaces
  • Optional external server with AMD Epyc 8 to 64-core processor with up to 2 TB ECC DDR4 and up to 370 TB U.2 SSDs
  • Standard Xeon 8-Core Embedded Controller with up to 64 GB ECC DDR4 and 1 to 8 x Trifecta-SSD Single-Slot, In-Chassis PXIe SSD RAID Modules (up to 256 TB)
  • TPM2.0 for compliance with STIG V-63323 (DoD Secure Host Baseline)
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