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RADX 32 and 64 TB Trifecta-SSD™ COTS NVMe PXIe SSD RAID Modules

Higher capacity and performance for less

The new models are the first NVMe SSD RAID modules supporting up to 7 GB/sec sequential read/write performance and up to 64 TB in a single PXIe hybrid or CPCIe slot.

Manufactured in the USA by RADX and distributed exclusively by TEVET, Trifecta-SSD modules are available in 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 TB capacities, with pricing that is typically over 2x more cost effective than other SSD RAID modules.

Gain a distinct, competitive edge with the RADX Trifecta:

  • High-fidelity 1 GHz RF signal results in 5 GB/sec or about 18 TB of data per hour - Save time, space and money with no external RAID System necessary.
  • Store up to 64 TB in a single-slot PXIe module - Reduce SWaP and save up to 200% in price per TB when compared to other SSD RAID modules.
  • Unique 8-SSD architecture - Eliminate glitches and performance degradation during sustained sequential write operations.
  • Scalable support for JBOF and RAID configurations with ideal wideband IF/RF and DAQ record, playback, and analysis systems - Replace your obsolete RAID subsystem.
RADX Trifecta Single-Slot PXIe or CPCIe SSD RAID Module
RADX Trifecta Single-Slot PXIe or CPCIe SSD RAID Module