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Confronting Measurement Uncertainty – Signal Generation

Confronting Measurement Uncertainty – Signal Generation

Solutions for Signal Generation Uncertainty

Signal testing is unique since the testing process doesn’t mirror reality. In order to test, signal samples are necessary rather than continuous waveforms like they occur in reality. Compound the sample necessity and hardware implementation, data can be lost and unexpected errors can occur easily. This includes discontinuity, interpolation overshoot, and sampling images.

As a leader in Test and Measurement, Keysight Technologies has the expertise, experience, and solutions to help you overcome signal uncertainty. See the solutions below.


Waveform Sampling Images

Interpolation Overshoot




Solution for Procurement Uncertainty

TEVET’s goal is to streamline each and every order you place. And as an SDVSOB and HUBZone small business, we also provide you the capability to check those boxes. But “small business” can hold a negative connotation within our industry. We can’t help what others have done, but we can guarantee our professional integrity with each procurement.

Through our AS9120B certified Quality Management System and daily processes, we mitigate any and all risk. Read our most recent blog to learn how we do that for you!


TEVET’s Answer to Risk




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Want to sharpen the skills you already have? Need to refresh on a technique you haven’t used in a while? Or do you want to learn something new? Access these upcoming webinars and the extensive on-demand library by Keysight Technologies experts.

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