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Finding a Home – TEVET and Holston United Methodist Home for Children

Finding a Home – TEVET and Holston United Methodist Home for Children

TEVET believes the best way to create a brighter future is to encourage and support our future leaders today. Therefore, we turn to our children in our HUBZone community. Whether they are planning for a future in flight (See our blog – TEVET and GHS JROTC Program: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow) or are trying to find their place in the world, we are there to help through advocating, fundraising, mentoring, and volunteering our time.

The Holston United Methodist Home for Children is a beacon within our community. Since 1895, Holston Home has helped over 8,000 children in our surrounding areas. The goal of the organization is to help at-risk children and families over any hardships that life might bring. And if a child can’t live at home, then Holston Home becomes theirs until they successfully transition into adulthood or find the best family (theirs or adoptive) to go home to.

Holston Home is more than a housing alternative. It is a place where children of any age can grow, learn, and access opportunities that might have once been just a dream. Professional and religious counseling, continued education through the Beacon School and credit recovery programs, work experiences through onsite organizations like the Culinary School, and a sense of community - both with fellow kids and with the public - are just a few benefits that Holston Home provides the youth in our community. And each day, lives are changed, and dreams are realized.

We are honored to be part of an organization that makes a significant difference within our community – both in the present and for the future. The stories strike a chord with our hearts and bring tears of joy to our eyes. We can’t wait to see what today’s goodwill can build for tomorrow.


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