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Keysight’s Latest Products and Promotions

Keysight’s Latest Products and Promotions

New tech and savings are always a plus…. if not exciting. Then it should come to no shock that Keysight is out to excite us again. Below are highlighted product releases and promotions for November 2019 by Keysight Technologies.

If you have any questions or want to place a quote, then please reach out to your TEVET Account Manager by using the link below.


Infiniium S-Series Now Available in Distribution

November 1st – One of the favorites from Keysight is becoming more available to more people! You get an array of offers now on distribution for the Infiniium S-Series oscilloscopes. Learn more about all that you can accomplish with an instrument from this family.


Keysight S-Series Oscilloscopes



NEW – N443xD Microwave 4-port ECal Modules

November 1st – Simplify network analyzer calibration with this new solution. The N443xD Series offers a DC option to extend the calibration frequency range without the necessity of numerous connections. All modern Keysight VNAs (FieldFox, PXI VNA, ENA, PNA, etc.) are supported. Learn more with the link below.


N443xD Microwave 4-port ECal Modules



Take Care of Your New and Used Keysight Instruments 

Stop waiting on answers, tools, or help. Turn to KeysightCare. KeysightCare offers the industry’s first cloud-based, proactive support for your instruments, software, and solutions. Fast, specialized solutions from engineering experts are at your fingertips.



Get KeysightCare



Take Advantage of these Featured Promotions

Who doesn’t love a deal? Especially a deal that stretches your capabilities and budget just a bit further! Keysight and TEVET understand that you want to keep innovating but sometimes cost gets in the way. A dollar just doesn’t seem to stretch as far as it used to. Take a look at our featured promotions.


Featured Promotions