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TEVET Academy – Our Focus on Continued Training and Development

TEVET Academy – Our Focus on Continued Training and Development

The TEVET Academy encompasses all of our monthly training meetings. These meetings are once a month and generally happen during our lunch hour on a Wednesday. It’s typical for them to have odd but fun names: Wacky, Wonderful, Wise, etc. Wednesdays.

During this time, we focus on the topics that have been supplied by our colleagues. These can be soft or hard skills. For instance, we can talk about healthcare benefits and clear communication, or we can focus on fine-tuning processes within our systems and best practices for specific software usage.

We believe that you are never too old or too smart to learn something new, even if it is just a different perspective or on how you communicate a specific topic. That is why we encourage our colleagues to lead these informal training sessions. We become collaborative, speak plainly about our daily challenges, and find solutions that work across multiple departments. It not only keeps us in touch with one another, but it also makes TEVET stronger and more aligned as a single entity. See some of the topics we have covered in the past, below.


Sharing the Wealth – Discounts for great health and the best practices for our systems

In our latest training session, we focused on two different topics: Go365 health benefits; best practices for our ERP system. Each were presented by numerous internal experts (aka TEVET employees).

The Go365 program through our healthcare provider, Humana, is a great addition to current health trackers. Through the complimentary service, we can track, challenge, and reward ourselves based upon healthy activities and choices. These activities and choices can vary from going to the doctor, participating in an activity challenge, the time spent at the gym or walking the trails, or simply purchasing healthy food from our local Walmart. With each healthy decision, we get Go365 bucks which can add up to savings including: Amazon gift cards, retail store gift cards, discounts for groceries, and large items like TVs, bikes, and FitBits. And all can easily be synced and tracked with our current smartphones, apps, and health monitors. Being healthy has never been so powerful!

In the second portion, we focused on best practices for our ERP system. As the year continues, each account team has the tendency to hunker down and devote themselves to their individual task lists. The dedication and follow-through for our customers is great! But the bad side of this is that we lose track of one another and start completing tasks in a variety of different processes. Each process is effective, but not each process is efficient. Therefore, we decided to have a refresher course on the best practices that we use daily within our ERP system. With everyone on the same page, we have efficiency, expediency, and greater success passed to our customers.