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TEVET Donates Masks to Greene County and Greeneville City Elementary Schools

TEVET Donates Masks to Greene County and Greeneville City Elementary Schools

This past week, TEVET wanted to show their support to our local elementary schools as they navigate the beginning of 2020’s Fall semester. TEVET acquired N95 masks from an overage at a DOE facility and donated them to the elementary schools within Greene County and Greeneville City, totaling 12 different schools. These N95 masks will help protect students and staff in higher risk categories as they return to in person schooling.

During this unique time, community support is vital. TEVET always answers the call to serve our community whether it is supporting local arts, creating scholarships, sponsoring STEM education, honoring veterans, and more. We remain committed to service in our HUBZone community. It is our home, and when we succeed, the community succeeds.

Thank you to all employees who played a role in this donation.

Quotes from employees who delivered the masks:

Tracy Solomon, TEVET CEO – “I am proud to say that I graduated from Doak Elementary! I have nothing but the fondest of memories from my time there. Teachers there, both then and now, are phenomenal. It was a great pleasure to visit with the principal, Sunshine Broyles, whom I have known since I was a child. I am very proud of her accomplishments and wish nothing but the very best for her and the hard-working staff at Doak Elementary.  We, at TEVET, will do everything possible to protect those who serve our community and our children.”

Vivian Martin, TEVET AP & Corporate Account Manager – “It was a pleasure to donate the masks to Chuckey Elementary School.  The school has been around for many years me, my father, along with both of my kids went to this school. The school appreciated the support we could provide.”

Aleta Heck, TEVET Digital Marketing Associate – “Being an employee of a company that is able to support our community during these unprecedented times means so much to me, but even more so as a parent with a school age child. To be able to deliver masks to McDonald Elementary, where my child attends school, was a great honor.”

Caitlin Quillen, TEVET Accounts Receivable Specialist – “Being able to give back to the elementary school that I attended means a lot to me. The teachers at Tusculum View helped shape me into the person that I am today. Keeping our teachers and students safe and healthy during these unprecedented times is a top priority. I am proud to be part of a company that is actively participating in the efforts to keep our teachers and students safe.”

Sarah Wheale, TEVET Executive Assistant – “It is such a blessing to work at TEVET which provides the opportunity to give back to the children and teachers in this community.  The teachers and staff at Nolachuckey Elementary embraced my son during his 3rd grade year last year, and I was pleased to present them with these masks to help protect the wonderful people there who care for our children.”

Jannie McLain, TEVET Database Administrator – “I’m very grateful that we could donate masks to the staff of all the schools in our community.  I delivered the masks to Towering Oaks Christian School because my daughter goes there, and I love all the staff there.  TOCS has had school in person since the beginning of August and I wanted to help them to be as safe as they could be.”

Tonjua McCullough, TEVET Controller – “I’m new to Greeneville and I have no kids or grandkids. Having the opportunity to visit two elementary schools in Greene County was a blessing.  I enjoyed meeting Principal Wilds at Camp Creek and Principal Ricker at Hal Henard. All principals were very thankful for the masks donated by TEVET.   I am blessed to work with a company who models ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Other delivery employee participants: MaKinna Traylor, Director of Marketing – Highland Elementary School; Adreanna Weems, Inside Sales Representative – Baileyton Elementary School.