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TEVET Licenses RADX LibertyGT

TEVET Licenses RADX LibertyGT

Thursday, December 24, 2020 – Greeneville, TN - RADX Technologies® (RADX) and TEVET, LLC (TEVET) announce that they have entered into a license agreement under which TEVET will become the exclusive provider of LibertyGT® Modular, COTS, Real-Time RF Test and Measurement Systems. This new license agreement expands on the distribution agreement in place between the companies for the past several years by enabling TEVET to become the exclusive company to manufacture, integrate, distribute, and support LibertyGT Systems and Measurement Science Firmware and Software Solutions on a global basis. TEVET will manage sales of LibertyGT solutions and support existing LibertyGT customers desiring post-sales repair, warranty, calibration, or upgrade services.

“As the T&M industry’s only COTS, Real-Time, RF Instrument Family that is truly modular, LibertyGT has become accepted as an important solution for demanding wideband, RF spectrum analysis, signal generation, and record and playback applications in Aerospace and Defense, Semiconductor, and Communications markets”, said Ross Q. Smith, RADX Co-Founder and CEO. “Now, LibertyGT has reached the point where it needs a larger organization to foster its transition for even wider acceptance.”

“TEVET is excited to become the exclusive supplier of LibertyGT” said Tracy Solomon, TEVET Founder and CEO. “With TEVET’s financial strength and our expanded facility and system integration capabilities, combined with our broad customer relationships and supply chain expertise that includes critical relationships with NI, Keysight, and other modular T&M subsystem providers, TEVET is uniquely positioned to enhance the LibertyGT product line and enable it to address a broad range of critical RF T&M requirements and customers.” 

About LibertyGT 

LibertyGT® RF T&M Solutions combine LibertyGT Measurement Science Firmware and Software (MSFS) with NI and 3rd Party PXIe Modules to deliver RF Test & Measurement industry's most advanced, high-performance, COTS, integrated, modular, multi-function, real-time, software-defined, touchscreen optimized, wideband, Real-Time Signal Analyzers and Signal Generators (RTSAs and RFSGs), Precision Multi-Channel Synchronized RF Record, and Playback and Analysis Systems (RFRPAs). With support for frequency ranges up to 40 GHz, bandwidths of up to 1 GHz per Channel, inter-channel skews less than 1 picosecond, and industry-best RTSA minimum duration signal 100% POI of 320 nsec, LibertyGT instruments provide industry-leading scalability, performance, ease-of-use, programmability, and life cycle cost savings that are only available from software-defined and truly modular, COTS PXIe-based instruments. As a turnkey, integrated instrument, LibertyGT eliminates the “do-it-yourself” engineering often required by modular systems. LibertyGT systems are a two-time Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award Winner and are available as turnkey, integrated, and touchscreen benchtop instruments or as a software only solution. For more information on LibertyGT solutions from TEVET, please visit TEVET and RADX Technologies.


About TEVET  

Selecting and acquiring the right technology to meet specific challenges requires a partner that can add value at every step. TEVET brings more than 15 years of experience to the acquisition of technical products, systems, and instrumentation - with support from identification to sustainment. With competencies in quality, technology, and personnel, TEVET provides best-in-class acquisition strategies, so customers, suppliers, and partners are successful. TEVET strives to execute at the highest levels, providing service to Country, Customer, and Community. For quotes or to place an order, please email quotes@tevet.com or call +1 (866) 886-8527. Existing LibertyGT customers interested in receiving more information regarding ongoing support should email support@tevet.com


About RADX  

RADX Technologies, Inc. (RADX) is a small business provider of  advanced COTS products and technologies that enable cost-effective High Performance Computing (HPC) applications in Test & Measurement, SDR and Embedded System markets. With the license of LibertyGT to TEVET, RADX will now focus on developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced, value-added, COTS software and peripheral HPC products such as Trifecta-SSD™, the unique NVMe SSD RAID module that supports up to 64 TB and 7 GB/Sec sequential read-write performance in a single PXIe/CPCIe slot. RADX is an NI Silver Alliance Partner with RF and Wireless Specialty designation with decades of experience developing real-time FPGA and GPU-based DSP solutions for T&M and SDR applications. For more info on RADX please email info@radxtech.com or call +1 (619) 677-1849 x 1. For more info on Trifecta-SSD, please visit www.trifecta-ssd.com


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