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TEVET Sparking Life into Our Historic Downtown – Lighting of Capitol Theatre Marquee

TEVET Sparking Life into Our Historic Downtown – Lighting of Capitol Theatre Marquee

Greeneville, TN – Last night, there was a remarkable sight that hasn’t been seen for many years in historic downtown Greeneville, Tennessee. The Capitol Theatre’s marquee was lit once again. The theatre has been a centerpiece of the community for many decades – our grandparents share stories of their first dates at the theatre.  What has always been prominent throughout the stories and the years was the theatre’s marquee on Main Street. Yet, after many years of disrepair and lack of funds, the marquee stopped shining at the turn of the 21st century. And for a time, it was like a piece of downtown disappeared.

With help from the community – TEVET, State Community Block Grant Façade Program, and Capitol Theatre supporters – the marquee underwent extensive repair and restoration. Among the improvements were a new roof, new sheet metal, new sockets and lighting for canopy lights, and a LED lighting system that replaces the outdated neon lights. The LED lights mimic the neon-look, but also have the capability to change colors easily. With the lighting upgrade, the marquee is more sustainable and energy efficient making it the most technologically advanced historic marquee in Northeast Tennessee.

Last night, downtown shone brightly thanks to many community members coming together to revitalize their historic downtown. The marquee was lit; antique cars filled the closed Main Street in front of the Capitol Theatre; local bands played; and, the community gathered to enjoy a historic night for Greeneville.

See the Capitol Theatre’s marquee light up!
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