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Increasing Access to High-Performance, Cost-Effective Switching Solutions

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Many companies have seen the need to update their existing test solutions, but several key challenges have stood in the way—primarily cost and complexity. Through our partnership with Keysight Technologies, TEVET is now expanding access to automated testing of RF and telecommunication devices by offering reduced-cost solutions that are simple to integrate according to user-specified configuration.  


Unparalleled Access 

In the past, custom switching for automated testing was out of reach for many customers due to high costs and complexity. Traditional RF switch matrices require extensive custom development that is cost-prohibitive for systems that only need simple automated switching. This has kept many DoD and DoE vendors from taking advantage of the flexibility and improved system design of automated switching solutions. Engineers often resort to proprietary solutions or time-consuming manual processes to meet switching needs. For more than 15 years, we’ve worked with technology companies and integrators to simplify how technical products, systems, and instrumentation are acquired.  


Through partnership with Keysight, we're able to dramatically expand access to automated RF switching platforms by providing quick-ship solutions that reduce costs by up to 40 percent and provide a simple, flexible platform for basic RF switching. Keysight has a track record of helping companies tackle their test and measurement challenges through trusted hardware and ground-breaking software, and together we can offer the support companies need to seamlessly integrate these new solutions. With broader access to automated switching platforms, customers have more options than ever before.  


Consolidate Vendors & Improve Efficiency 

Procurement departments can easily become overwhelmed by the number of vendors as the team works to manage dozens of partnerships. Providing capable, complete solutions from a single OEM brings more than convenience - electronic workflow, simplifying the ordering process, and providing drastically improved supply chain and insight into inventory are all areas where efficiencies can be achieved through this partnership. Consolidating suppliers also reduces the number of purchase orders and the number of payable transactions. Every part is more easily accounted for, and TEVET can store and stage inventory for just-in-time availability. 


Long Term Partnerships For Long Term Success 

TEVET’s unique relationship with Keysight has spanned 12 years, allowing us to provide the right automated test solutions to customers. We are Keysight’s leading authorized reseller providing the same product warranty, standard accessories, and on-staff engineering and tech support. Keysight’s expansive product offering combined with our exceptional service provides a unique procurement solution that simplifies the acquisition process for products, systems, and instrumentation.  


Accessible Automated Switching 

As part of our ongoing commitment to procuring complete solutions for our customers, vastly expanding access to automated switching solutions was an obvious next step. Gone are the days of expensive custom development or making do with inefficient proprietary approaches. Through our long-term partnership with Keysight and 15 years of customer service, we offer complete, flexible solutions that integrate quickly and streamline automated switching for critical applications including satellite, antennas, radar, electronic warfare, RF components, mobile phones, and semiconductor testing. Our best-in-class acquisition strategies add value at every step of the procurement process, and if you’re interested in learning more about Keysight’s high-performance, cost-effective switching solutions, we’d love to hear from you.   

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