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Keysight 2020 Prediction: Importance on New Realms of Measurement

Keysight 2020 Prediction: Importance on New Realms of Measurement

Importance on New Realms of Measurement in 2020


Each day, we use many different kinds of measurement-based tools for our technology-based products and solutions. As disruptive technologies emerge, so will the transformation of these products and solutions and in turn our measurement-based tools.


  • Advance applications for 5G will grow exponentially.
    • They will utilize higher frequencies and smaller geometries. New classes and labs will be added to core engineering curriculums. New measurement capabilities will become mainstream as new tools, specifications, and terms validate designs for electronic products and solutions.
  • Software-on-software measurement will surge due to the prevalence of networking and positioning applications.
    • Emphasis will be placed on interoperability of software tool chains and processes. This will impact new standards, certifications, development, and even marketing of the software-centric products.
  • Due to increased implementation of AI architectures, there will be a significant rise in specialized processors (GPUs and chips).
    • Quantum computing and engineering will rise but the focus on control, measurements, and error-correcting will be at the forefront.


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