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Teambuilding for a Good Cause

Teambuilding for a Good Cause

Good will fills the air this time of year – from gift-giving to comradery with friends and coworkers. TEVET enjoys this time of year. We not only feel the holiday pace slow down slightly, but we also take advantage of this time to share good will and plan for the next year.

Recently, a distribution partner, ElectroRent came to town – somewhat impersonating Santa and his delightful elves. The main purpose of their visit was planning for 2020 while also strengthening our team resolve through various teambuilding exercises. These exercises not only got us out of our chairs and away from our desks momentarily, but they got us out of our “mental rut” and made us refocus on the key points of our teamwork.

The last of the many exercises, and indeed the largest endeavor, was to build a bicycle with limited access to supplies. Each team was given limited access to supplies and instructed to complete a bicycle that was assigned to them. The bikes were missing tires, handlebars, seats, and bolts were loosened. The object of the game was to get out of the singular mind frame and realize that the instructions didn’t prevent the teams from aligning and working together.  The end result was an assembly line where each team’s resources were allocated to complete multiple bikes in the designated timeframe. Teamwork truly shined through at the end.

The byproduct of this exercise was multiple bicycles. What to do with them? ElectroRent and TEVET decided to donate them. Organization of choice? Holston Home for Children.

Last week, TEVET employees loaded up the bicycles and dropped them off at Holston Home. They not only made Christmas for the children, but they were a lot of fun for the staff as well – see pictured Rev. Charles Hutchens on the bicycle.

In the end, the TEVET and ElectroRent team utilized teambuilding on two fronts – strengthening our resolve going into 2020 and delivering good will to those who appreciate it the most.


TEVET in the Community


Holston Home for Children


(Left to Right) Rev. Charles Hutchens (Holston Home), Seth Taylor (Holston Home), Tracy Solomon (TEVET)

(Left to Right) The TEVET Team - Stephanie Clayton, Alina Crum, Tracy Solomon, Adreanna Weems, Joe Woods, Blane Johnson


Images of the TEVET and ElectroRent team during the bike assembly teambuilding exercise.