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TEVET Announces Latest innovation; Liberty KA & LIBERTY KP

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TEVET Liberty KA and Liberty KP, in partnership with Keysight Technologies, Address Real-Time Threat Detection in Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

The electromagnetic spectrum is growing more congested, contested, and constrained across the domains. Fast-paced advances in technologies related to the electromagnetic spectrum represent new opportunities and challenges across the peer and near-peer competition continuum. In response, TEVET is announcing our latest innovation to the Liberty Platform Solutions product line. Capabilities of the new TEVET Liberty KA and Liberty KP Software-Defined Instruments allow for agility and adaptability to maintain spectrum superiority and protect our warfighters.


As technology advances across the spectrum, bandwidth requirements are increasing. Liberty KA offers over 1Ghz of bandwidth per channel, across up to 16 independent or precision synchronized channels allowing the warfighter to effectively process, exploit, and disseminate information in a growing number of battlespace environments.


“Collaborating with our strategic Keysight solution partner, TEVET, has resulted in the release of a solution addressing an unmet need in EMSO applications. Partners are critical, and like TEVET, Keysight’s solution partners play a fundamental role in developing new solutions based on Keysight’s high-performance products,” said Greg Patschke, General Manager of Information Warfare at Keysight Technologies.


Current real-time spectrum analysis capabilities leave gaps in data, when that gap is a potential threat to the electronic spectrum, our warfighters become vulnerable. Liberty KA and Liberty KP’s leap-ahead technology, offering gap-less processing real-time spectrum analysis allows our warfighters to detect and neutralize new threats in real-time across the electromagnetic spectrum. Its channelized Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers employ advanced FPGA- based processing to deliver industry-leading real-time performance and a unique channelized architecture that elevates small amplitude LPI signals above the noise floor.


“We are excited to partner with Keysight Technologies to introduce the Liberty KA and KP, the latest innovation of our Liberty Platform Solutions offering. Leveraging Keysight Technologies' high-performance hardware we can offer new capabilities in threat detection across the electromagnetic spectrum.” Said Tracy Solomon, TEVET CEO, and Founder. “One of our core TEVET Values is to Serve the Warfighter, Liberty KA’s synchronized, multi-channel, and gap-less real-time capabilities allow for threats to be detected and mitigated in real-time, protecting those who protect and uphold our freedom.”


TEVET Liberty KA and Liberty KP are built with remarkable scalability capabilities to keep our warfighters in front of advancing threats. Its initial configurability on purchase allows a customized solution to your specific requirements. As those requirements advance, the software-defined architecture allows for simple software or hardware upgrades to extend your capabilities, reducing your total cost of ownership, and downtime.


The product’s scalability does not stop there. Its software-defined architecture also allows it to scale to any system’s testing requirements. Re-configuring the tester happens at the software level, reducing the number of testers needed across your system portfolio. Not only reducing cost but also the footprint required to test.


To exploit vulnerabilities in our near-peer adversaries’ capabilities, a tester needs to be transportable and field ready. The TEVET Liberty KA and Liberty KP, built on a Software-Defined Architecture, and leveraging Keysight Technologies’ high-performance modular hardware, reduce the size compared to conventional box instruments by a factor of 2 to 10. Additionally, at a typical weight of only 250lbs is a reduction of at least 50% over the competition. Its integrated COTS systems are ready for “out-of-the-box" use. The TEVET Liberty KA and Liberty KP are equipped to handle in field-testing across the domains.


TEVET’s Liberty KA and Liberty KP deliver the ability to grow spectrum superiority, through real-time detection and intervention previously unachievable. Its agility and adaptability will ensure domain dominance across the future battlespace, supporting and protecting the warfighters of today, and of the future.


To learn more about the TEVET Liberty KA and KP Click Here.

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TEVET Announces Latest innovation; Liberty KA & LIBERTY KP

TEVET Liberty KA and Liberty KP, in partnership with Keysight Technologies, Address Real-Time Threat Detection in Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

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