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Turn the Tedious Into Intuitive – Keysight New BenchVue Software Solutions

Turn the Tedious Into Intuitive – Keysight New BenchVue Software Solutions

Your time is precious. Cut your extensive testing setup and configuration time with NEW intuitive BenchVue software solutions from Keysight Technologies. See how you can save time, increase your testing power, and streamline your instrument monitoring and tracking with one simple update.



Transform Your Tedious Bench Testing

Keysight’s new BenchVue software, including the new LCR meter app – BV0014B, enables you to accelerate your access to results. Quickly setup measurement corrections, sweep through parameters, and bin components into different groups.

Likewise, there are new updates to the BenchVue Function Generator app and Oscilloscope apps:

  • New 2019 Function Generator app provides more automation capabilities and a faster remote experience.
  • New 2019 BenchVue Oscilloscope updates support the new DSOX1204A and DSOX1204G.

Access intuitive software solutions for Keysight Technologies and reach out to your TEVET Account Manager for all your procurement requirements with the links below.

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Real-world BenchVue Application: Cut Your Test Setup and Configuration Time by 75%

Setting up your testing ecosystem – whether in an academic setting or in an industry lab – is time-consuming, extensive, and tedious. It is a necessary evil to an extent, but one that needs a new approach to save time.

Keysight’s case study focuses on how one electrical engineering lab was able to overcome and accelerate their test lab setup and configuration time by 75% and simplify their instrument monitoring and tracking.

Their solution? They applied BenchVue Lab Management and Control solution.

Their results? Read the case study below to see what they were able to accomplish with one procedural change.

Keysight Case Study




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Want to sharpen the skills you already have? Need to refresh on a technique you haven’t used in a while? Or do you want to learn something new? Access these upcoming webinars and the extensive on-demand library by Keysight Technologies experts. The on-demand library includes the Engineering Education Webinar Series that covers: IoT, 5G, Data Center, Automotive and Energy, Network Visibility, PathWave, RF/uW/mmW Measurements, Digital Measurement, and Bench Essentials.

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We want to help you get the most out of your budget. Every month, we have specific promotions to help offset some cost. Take a look at some featured ones below and contact your TEVET Account Manager for any questions or to take advantage of a listed promotion.

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