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5G’s Ever-Expanding Roadmap – National Instruments and TEVET

5G’s Ever-Expanding Roadmap – National Instruments and TEVET

We all are excited about the possibilities that 5G creates. But, how do we get from where we are to where those possibilities exist and how long will that take? Read NI’s latest blog that explains the next steps to reach the future of 5G.

Sarah Yost, NI Senior Product Marketing Manager, poses the question, “Should we even be talking about 6G?” She references the numerous articles and click-bait titles that she has seen and received from colleagues about 6G and how 5G is already becoming obsolete. To her, this is a bit premature.

She outlines the roadmap of what is left to be done to fulfill the promises of 5G prior to stepping into the 6G world. To be brief, she sees this going well into 2023 and beyond before 6G is realized.

Learn more in her blog article below.


Should We Even Be Talking about 6G?

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