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Infotainment Testing – National Instruments and V2X Systems

Infotainment Testing – National Instruments and V2X Systems

We all love the buttons at our fingertips that are literally on our steering wheels. To develop each “bell and whistle” takes testing. NI does so through digital cockpits that require flexible software-defined automated test systems. These digital cockpits allow testing to become a strategic asset when prepping for the next in-demand capability – increased multimedia capabilities, augmented reality head-up display, over-the-air communications, etc.

Learn more about how NI is making the driving experience safer and more advance for all drivers.


Infotainment Testing



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Throughout the year, NI provides online and in-person webinars and seminars. But what if you can’t make that date? No problem. You can always take advantage of the on-demand webinar library. Take a look at the featured webinars and the direct link to the on-demand library.


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