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Jacobs Presents TEVET with Outstanding Small Business Award

Jacobs Presents TEVET with Outstanding Small Business Award

Recently, TEVET received the Jacobs Outstanding Small Business Award for innovative procurement solutions and support of the Jacobs JETS contract.

Jacobs is one of the largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional, and construction services from operations and maintenance to scientific and specialty consulting. The Jacobs JETS contract provides engineering services to NASA, including: design and development, sustaining performance, analysis and assessment, test services, laboratory and facility operation and maintenance, planetary mission research, and physical science research.

Since 2013, when the JETS contract was awarded to Jacobs, TEVET has built a relationship that delivers unmatched customer service within the engineering industry and to NASA. TEVET is dedicated to the success of its commitments, customers, and country.

Tracy Solomon, TEVET CEO, was in attendance to receive the award at the Jacobs Small Business Award Ceremony.

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