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TEVET Take Flight Scholarship for Local JROTC

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Greeneville, TN – Some are born with the dream to fly and others are bit by the “flying bug.” No matter how the dream of flight comes to a student, TEVET is here to help their dream be realized. TEVET and the Greeneville High JROTC program are collaborating efforts to create a scholarship that will help cadets take to the skies.

The objective of the scholarship will be to address the solo flight for senior cadets. Every year, 1 to 2 senior cadets have the opportunity to train and complete a solo flight. Cadets are required to follow the JROTC and flight instructor contracts for responsibility, self-invest and pass a flight physical, train on all assigned Sunday afternoons with the flight instructor, and complete all of their homework prior to the solo flight. With the scholarship, TEVET plans to offset the cost burden of the actual solo flight by covering the cost of fuel and airplane.

The first recipient of the TEVET Take Flight Scholarship will be 17-year-old senior cadet Johnnie Gregg this spring semester. She has dreamed of flying since she was a young girl and plans to have a career as a commercial pilot. Her passion has driven her pursuit into the solo flight program. Upon completion of her requirements, she will be able to use the TEVET Take Flight Scholarship to complete the solo flight program and contribute fly-time toward her pilot’s license and a future career in aviation.

TEVET strives to make positive and long-lasting impressions on our community and our future leaders by sharing the good fortune and success TEVET has had. TEVET has been able to create opportunities with local businesses, education, and national organizations. Making dreams a reality is just one ambition that TEVET seeks to provide for our future community leaders. With these opportunities, future leaders can take to the skies and create a future where the sky is the limit.

On February 22, 2017, TEVET CEO Tracy Solomon will present the scholarship to senior cadet Johnnie Gregg at Greeneville High School.

On May 9, 2017, there will be a follow-up award ceremony to present a certificate of completion.

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