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TEVET Awards Take Flight Scholarship 2018

TEVET Awards Take Flight Scholarship 2018

Greeneville, TN – This past week, TEVET was proud to award the TEVET Take Flight Scholarship to its second cadet, Cadet Major Brendan Cobble. Brendon is currently a senior at Greeneville High School and holds the highest rank as Cadet Squadron Commander. He is in charge of 71 cadets. He has had a fascination for flight since childhood and has a life plan to reach his dream of being a pilot – graduate high school, enter MTSU Air Force ROTC program and professional flight program, commission into the Air Force upon graduation, and then onto a future in the skies.

With the TEVET Take Flight Scholarship, Brendan will also be able to take one step ahead of other future college cadets by gaining a solo flight certification. “Creating my first solo flight will save me time and money later in college. Any flight certifications I can complete before college will also allow me to spread my knowledge to my peers,” Brendan upon receiving the scholarship.  Creating the possibilities and opportunities for the future, to live out a life-long dream or plan, is the goal of the TEVET Take Flight Scholarship. It provides the chosen cadet the financial capability to complete their certification for their first solo flight – classes, training, and testing. Without it, the financial burden would discourage many from going down this path. Chosen cadets are accountable for grades, work ethic, logged hours, and other benchmarks monitored by the JROTC cadre members.

TEVET President and CEO, Tracy Solomon presented the scholarship to Brendan Cobble. “To have this legacy and to help these kids is what it – and TEVET – is all about,” Tracy Solomon upon delivering the scholarship for the second year. Being a veteran and entrepreneur, he was also able to speak to the class on the lessons he has learned along the way and encourage them to continue to grow and follow their dreams. For Brendan that was simple, “Flying has always been a passion of mine and I hope to never lose my desire to take flight.”

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