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Rethinking Electronics Education – National Instruments

Rethinking Electronics Education – National Instruments

NI is working closely with engineering education programs to develop project-based curriculum and products that strengthen their foundational skills and critical thinking. A project-based learning approach challenges students to develop a deeper understanding of how the electronics and systems function individually and collaboratively. This provides the platform for students to develop quickly from theory to simulation to experimentation.

See the classroom approaches and solutions NI has contributed with the link below.


Rethinking Education



Education Products

NI takes it a step further than the curriculum by providing classroom-specific products such as:

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Featured and On-Demand NI Webinars

Throughout the year, NI provides online and in-person webinars and seminars. But what if you can’t make that date? No problem. You can always take advantage of the on-demand webinar library. Take a look at the featured webinars and the direct link to the on-demand library.


Online Webinars

On-Demand Library