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Risk in Small Business Procurement - TEVET's Answer

Risk in Small Business Procurement - TEVET's Answer

While at TEVET, I’ve worn a few different hats. Before I was in Marketing and Business Development, I was an Account Manager, working with some of the top Prime Contractors in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. I’ve heard several stories, the details vary, but in the end, utilizing a small business led to risk. I’m proud of the work we do at TEVET and wanted to address how we mitigate that risk and what you can look for from our small business and others to change the tide from delays, warranty issues, poor-quality, and missing documentation to on-time, 100% quality, managed data, all with personal service and relationships.


TEVET holds an AS9102B certification for our quality management system, but what does AS9120B mean to you?

  • A Superior Supply Base: TEVET provides a superior supply base through enhanced due diligence practices and assuring vendor compliance to flow-downs and other requirements through vendor risk assessments.
  • Accurate Data Management/ Administration: TEVET retains required procurement, calibration, and other documentation within our system, reducing the administrative burden on our customers.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: With increased consistency in process and products, we provide consistency to the customer experience.


The TEVET Difference


Ongoing Commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement 

TEVET doesn’t stop at the certification. We have an ongoing focus on training and continuous improvement. TEVET doesn’t see quality as a departmental requirement, but that we all play a role in quality requirements. This year at our annual meeting we set aside 2-hours for quality training on flow-downs and processes. We continue this commitment throughout the year with various internal training as well as training with our suppliers and partners.


Exceptional Service

Our exceptional service starts with focused account management and a team dedicated to each of our customers. The teams focus on educating themselves on customer-specific procurement parameters – programs, testing specifications, budget-allotment, flow-downs, and terms – to deliver one of a kind service and partner level account knowledge.


Warranty Assurance

While our personal relationships with the top OEMs bring value to end users and procurement, our contractual relationship with them protects your procurement and assures all warranties remain the same as if you purchased directly from the manufacturer. We can also leverage promotions and trade-in offers, all the same as if you were purchasing direct, just through your contractual agreements with TEVET.


Financial Certainty

TEVET is happy to provide transparent financial information to our customers. We are financially strong and see that as a big differentiator from other small businesses. We have been a reliable and recognized source for our customer’s test and measurement needs for over 14 years.


TEVET is safe, secure, and quality focused. Most importantly, we are excited to show you how we execute on this value. Feel free to reach out to me, or your account manager directly, with any questions on how TEVET can help!


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Author: MaKinna Traylor - Marketing Manager and Business Development, TEVET