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TEVET Serves Up a Recipe for Success with Holston Home for Children

TEVET Serves Up a Recipe for Success with Holston Home for Children

Greeneville, TN – Earlier this month, TEVET was honored by Raytheon with the EPIC Supplier award. Raytheon representatives, as well as local and state officials, celebrated with TEVET in historic downtown Greeneville.  But, a true celebration requires the combination of good people, good food, and, in this case, a good community cause.

Good people? Check. But, for the latter two requirements, TEVET created a single solution – catering and volunteers from Holston Home for Children.

Holston Home for Children has a recently revitalized culinary school, all thanks to former local small business owner, Ella Price. Price has been a staple for local catering in the Greeneville area for many years. She has catered to a variety of upscale events and impressed consumers with her extensive and delicious menu. Her success created a type of exposure that is limited within the Greeneville area, our hometown, and HUBZone community.

Price encouraged young adults to volunteer their time at her catering events. She had great success with young adult volunteers from Holston Home. With this realization, Price decided to make a career shift and become lead for Holston Home Culinary School. Now, she works hand-in-hand with Holston Home’s young adults in meal preparation, event preparation, and event service. Working with the young adults provides them many sets of skills and the confidence they need to continue their personal growth.

TEVET fosters the growth of the local workforce and has worked with Holston Home numerous times. To us, it was obvious to go with Price’s expertise and Holston Home volunteers for the award ceremony catering. Through TEVET’s good fortune, we were able to create further success and good will for others within our community, a cornerstone of TEVET’s culture. Good people, good food, and a good cause equals a recipe for success.

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