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TEVET Transmission

Check out Keysight EXR Solutions through Electro Rent

Quality starts with the latest products from industry leaders like Keysight Technologies.

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Modular and Flexible for Any Environment - NI's CompactDAQ Solutions

Improve your testing capabilities across any distance in any environment with NI’s modular and flexible CompactDAQ modules.

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Pick the Best Oscilloscope for Your Testing

Keysight’s oscilloscope solutions have a wide variety of capabilities. Knowing the difference between them ensures you have the tool that will best...

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TEVET Take Flight Scholarship 2021

With a year that was full of doubt firmly behind us, TEVET is excited to congratulate the recipients of the TEVET Take Flight Scholarship for 2021 –...

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NI’s LabVIEW Community Support for MAC and LINUX OS Users

MAC AND LINUX OS USERS - Start 2021 with NI’s LabVIEW Community support edition. You don’t have to wait any longer! Download the edition that you...

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How TEVET Maintained Stability and Achieved Growth During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought new challenges through navigating the unexpected while sustaining business. As a small business owner with Tier 1...

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Keysight's Emerging Technologies for 2021

Keysight continues to drive developments and accelerate innovations into 2021. Research like quantum and 6G cellular is helping engineers overcome...

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Keysight’s NEW N5247B PNA-X Network Analyzers

Keysight’s NEW N5247B PNA-X Network Analyzers has best-in-class phase noise performance. Deeper insights with easy-to-follow advanced measurements,...

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Develop, Debug, and Deploy with NI's TestStand Solutions

Want to end redundant tasks? Need a common framework for all your users? NI’s TestStand is your answer. Develop, debug, and deploy test systems that...

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