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TEVET Transmission

White Papers

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Read Our Latest Whitepaper: The Value of Vendor Consolidation

Technology procurement for Department of Defense (DoD) applications presents some significant challenges for acquisition teams. Making the most of...

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TEVET White Paper: N9040B RF Signal Analyzer Highlight

Today's testing environments are challenging and constantly changing . What worked yesterday can easily be old news tomorrow. For you to continue to...

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TEVET White Paper: COTS Software-Defined Radio Technology Accelerates RF System Deployment

The Department of Defense (DoD) needs RF systems that are adaptable, interoperable, secure, and offer superior performance while also considering...

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TEVET White Paper: Answering Today's Need for Hand-held Test and Measurement Instruments

Hand-held test instruments have been available for many years; however, previously they had the stereotype of "Go / No-Go" type devices in the field,...

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TEVET White Paper: The Department of Defense Overcomes Total Ownership Cost

Total Ownership Cost (TOC) is a factor that many customers must overcome. Whether it is price, longevity of programs and products, or performance...

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TEVET White Paper: Choosing a Gas Chromatograph in a Technologically Advanced Market

Differentiation of compounds via gas chromatography is one of the most widely employed analytical techniques used throughout research and industry.1...

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TEVET White Paper: Astronics Test Systems and Tabor Electronics End Obsolescence for NAVAIR

Obsolescence. This is not a favorite word for most end users. Flexibility, options, extended product life - those words bring relief to the testing...

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TEVET White Paper: National Instruments Semiconductor Test System (STS)

Semiconductor testing has been a challenge for both the Integrated Circuit (IC) manufacturers and the companies who develop IC test systems due to...

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TEVET White Paper: Modular DC High Power System for 90kW Requirements

To understand the need for DC power, we need to take a look back to the late 1880s "War of the Currents." This historical event took place between...

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TEVET White Paper: Empower RF Systems – Choosing the Best RF Amplifier

At its core the basic function of a Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifier is to increase the power of a low RF signal. But with so many RF Amplifiers on the...

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