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Shining Light into the Shadows – TEVET Donates to Develop the Art Department at Holston Home

Shining Light into the Shadows – TEVET Donates to Develop the Art Department at Holston Home

TEVET is proud to announce that the art team at Holston Home (students and John Paul Goncalves, Head of the Art Department) won the 2D category at the 2021 International ArtPrize.

Not only did they win, but their project – 7 portraits with 3,000 individual paper pieces each (21,000 in total) that utilizes lights and shadows – brought the staggering statistics about US’s youth residing and aging out of juvenile residential care facilities to literal light. Each year, over 21,000 teenagers age out of the system with most not having any support system. This leads to incomplete schooling, homelessness, and poor life choices. Each of the 7 portraits displays a different statistic using light and shadows to show the staggering percentages. Each portrait speaks to the struggle that many young adults face in our country.

Since the beginning, Holston Home for Children has been a place that the youth and families can turn to for help – from family services to education to housing assistance and more. As Holston Home grows, new opportunities develop such as the Art and Music Department.

Similarly, as TEVET grows, so does our capability to support our local community. “Holston Home has always held a close place to our hearts at TEVET,” states Tracy Solomon, TEVET CEO and President. Either through volunteering, mentoring, or donations – TEVET supports Holston Home’s initiatives to help our local youth and community. That is why TEVET is donating to the further development of Holston Home’s Art Department in hopes that it will change the lives of so many kids and continue to shine light into the shadows.



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Pictured: 1 of 7 portraits that won the 2D international prize with Holston Home Art Director, John Paul Goncalves.